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Marriet Visser

Marrier Visser

Marriet is a seasoned task and productivity expert. During her career for over 36 years as an information technology (IT) expert, an analyst and trainer, she has delivered multiple projects. Marriet also participated in multiple community projects and offered life coaching and acquired diverse experience in mobilising people and their skills to complete their tasks successfully. Marriet finds she is now able to add value to my clients, draws my insights from successful projects, successful teams, and successful people. She teaches people to fail forward with all the lessons I have learned.

Change Model

The dynamic change model

Marriet enjoys bringing people and organisations to a turning point with the dynamic change model. You create a turning point when you take proactive action that will trigger the change. She specialises in turning the tasks around that don’t get done.

The By Marriet coaching, workshops and training programmes are geared to mature people and dynamic teams. The objective is to address the dynamics that trigger people, turn their limiting beliefs around, generate turning points that change people’s lives and perspectives, weave team members into a functioning unit, generate an awareness of unique attributes, defines the rules of engagement, building communication skills and guides task management to complete their tasks task by task.

If you need to create a turning point in your life, at work or in your business, you are welcome to book a complimentary discovery conversation with Marriet.