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I am a multi-talented person who enjoys piecing life’s lessons together in a fun-filled manner. I have struggled to find my own special, unique place in life and hope to touch and encourage you to discover your own potential. I love to share some of the lessons I have learned that could also change the way you think and live; so that you too can start to live the best life you came to share with the world.

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Ready, Steady, Fly! : Book, board game, board game events and workshop.

Letting Go: Fun-filled hands-on workshop

My heart sings: Heart inspired songs by Marriët

Psalm-singing: Sing song events and  meditations

Arts and Crafts: Heart temple workshop

Public Speaking: Six session workshops

Coaching: One-on-one coaching sessions


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There are currently four workshop opportunities:

  1. Ready, Steady, Fly!  This workshop based on the book and board game. It is an eight hour workshop to design and create the next steps to make you dreams come alive and true.
  2. Letting Go. This two hour workshop is a fun-filled practical workshop that will help the you letting go so that you can create space for something new.
  3. Create a heart temple. This workshop offers an opportunity to create a heart temple with some fun-filled artistic activities. This temple will remind you each day to reflect on your values, mantras, practices and it will remind you about your vision.
  4. Public Speaking: The six unique workshop sessions will transform you into a confident and confident public speaker.
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I am grateful for all the people who crossed my path and who added value to my life. Some came and left, some stayed; but all their contributions touched and transformed my life.

All our actions contribute to the bigger and big picture. We were born to make a unique contribution to the world that would build, transform, help and change lives.

Share your gifts and treasures with us and show us what you are dreaming about. If you can't I would love to help you make your vision and dreams come alive.

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Next Steps...

Join us at the various events and let us experience your unique gifts and talents.

If you are stuck and you don't know what to do or where and how to live your dream; contact me. I would love to help you.